15 May

Intensive program for a long stay at Bilbao is becoming an exciting experience

sharing practices with entrepreneurs 2016 05 03 lowres

Joint activity with Deusto Alumni

Employement forum 2016 04 21 lowres

Sharing experiences on entrepreneurship with Deusto Alumni

Hehe feria empleo 2016 04 21 lowres

Attendace to the conference at Employment and entrepreneurship Deusto Fair

Planned learning activities are taken place one after another. One of the main activities is working in teams with entrepreneurs to share practices and create new opportunities in their business.

They have visited and attended the conference organised by Deusto Forum on employment and entrepreneurship. Also Finnish students have participated in several workshops about customer development from several points of view (from creating a portfolio, marketing, etc..). One of the best mutual learning actions has been the ones where dialogue about the evolution of their own running business and the suggestions everybody on the workshop has received.


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