06 Jun

Project meeting at Bilbao 26th and 27th of May

There area only 3 months ahead to finish the project 31.08.2016. This is our last project meeting.

We focus on the items left that is the evaluation and the explotaition activities. Also it’s a concern administrative issues, mobility tool and final reports.

We had a frutiful meeting May 26th at Deusto and 27th  atTecnalia mornings.  The list of actions involved everybody!! lest work on them.

Project meeting


26th of May in the Afternoon we have a muliplier event at Deusto’s premises, in which all parnters have thier speech. Then a lot of questions where pose to the speakers. Two hot questions among all of them: Project presentation

  • what is the team coach character ?
  • how to change and incorporate learing by doing entrepreneur activites in regular Universities?

Big questions.

06 Jun

Service Design at Innovate or Die learning experience

AT this height of the project we have done 4 innovate or dies programs. Essi Silvennoinen gives her view on them at her post on

Sharing thoughts about preparation process

As a part of ERASMUS+ HEHE program Innovate or Die contest format was brought to Bilbao and Budapest. In this format the purpose is to mix and match companies and students together. Companies will brought the real life challenges which are solved in students teams within time limits and tools. One purpose is to give experience of team working and on the other hand to increase the knowledge about service design and innovation tools. Innovate or Die events has been runned from the year 2010 in Finland. Events held in Budapest and Bilbao

05.2015 Innovate or Die Day Bilbao

10.2015 Innovate or Die Day Budapest

03.2016 Innovate or Die Day Bilbao

26.4.2016 Innovate or Die Day Budapest, vol.2

Enjoy it!

17 May

Project dissemination trough Multiplier events

Hands on entrepreneurship project is in its last quarter. At the same time partners have been carrying out the activities planned to create the Intellectual outputs, dissemination activities have been taking place.  Not only in the form of multiplier event but also in social media.

During this last two months the project and its outcomes have been presented in several workshops organised by partners to address different stake holders.

Project dissemination about practices on entrepreneurship in Europe and showing some dynamics that will be part of a Master on entrepreneurship have been taken place at

  • Presentation of partners practices on entrepreneurship education.  The experience of Team Academy students (JAMK, Finland) at Business Faculty of the University of The Basque country (UPV/EHU)
  • Getxolan: Local development agency for Getxo town hall, where we met local entrepreneurs that learn what European practice area in place  and how to put them into practice.
  • Bilbao Ekintza: Local development agency for Bilao town hall. The venue instead of being Bilbao Ekintza headquarters, the selected venue was a the venue of an entrepreneur from Bilbao that is engaged with Bilbao Ekintza in spreading entreprenurship spirit.
At Business Faculty  of the Basque Country University loated at Vitoria-Gasteiz

At Business Faculty of the Basque Country University loated at Vitoria-Gasteiz

At Getxolan, Customer development in the Master

At Getxolan, how Customer development in the Master could be

20160427_113043 lowres

In a Dialogue circle at venue selected by bilbao Ekintza was Bordatxo near Deusto University

In a Dialogue circle at venue selected by Bilbao Ekintza was Bordatxo near Deusto University






















Previous dissemination events have been:

At Budpest: workshop Erasmus+ project Hands-on Entrepreneurship project  at Budapest Business School  http://handsonentrepreneurship.eu/coming-workshop-erasmus-project-hands-on-entrepreneurship-project-at-budapest-business-school-11-of-june-2015/

At Jyvasküla:  Spreading Tiimiakatemia among new stakeholders: 3th of March 2015. http://handsonentrepreneurship.eu/spreading-tiimiakatemia-among-new-stakeholders-3th-of-march-2015/



15 May

Intensive program for a long stay at Bilbao is becoming an exciting experience

sharing practices with entrepreneurs 2016 05 03 lowres

Joint activity with Deusto Alumni

Employement forum 2016 04 21 lowres

Sharing experiences on entrepreneurship with Deusto Alumni

Hehe feria empleo 2016 04 21 lowres

Attendace to the conference at Employment and entrepreneurship Deusto Fair

Planned learning activities are taken place one after another. One of the main activities is working in teams with entrepreneurs to share practices and create new opportunities in their business.

They have visited and attended the conference organised by Deusto Forum on employment and entrepreneurship. Also Finnish students have participated in several workshops about customer development from several points of view (from creating a portfolio, marketing, etc..). One of the best mutual learning actions has been the ones where dialogue about the evolution of their own running business and the suggestions everybody on the workshop has received.


27 Apr

Preparing experiential activities for Budapest students

It’s a truth that reading is acquiring information and one of the first step to knowledge and wisdom. It is also true that reading the instructions to ride a bicycle doesn’t give you the practice to ride it or feel the experience of riding it.

One can read about customer development, innovation, communications… -and  it’s a must- but also one has to experience those “terms” in their own body.

That is what this project is about. It’s about creating team dynamics and environments where participants can experience their potential.

Iinnovate or die program second edition has taken place in Bilbao 18th of march and a month later will take place in Budapest.

This activities takes time to be prepared, to organise, to talk to enterprises to get them on board with their challenges, to bring a WoW experience to participants, ..,

Budapest Business School partners and the students prepare the environment and dynamic in advance so the 28th of April be special one for more students.

Last minute details for a great event

Last minute details for a great event

22 Apr

More on going learning activities: spreading entrepreneuship spirit

During February and March several students have profited of learning experiences to discover their entrepreneurial potential thanks to Hands on Entrepreneurship project. We have written about this in previous posts in this blog.  But the project keeps on moving and providing more learning activities not only to the participants under this project but beyond.

Last Monday we received new participants from Finland. We had a fruitful meeting at Deusto University. Finnish participants Ettu, Noora, Marie and Camila in the Leroy Merlin creativity room at Deusto Business school, where welcomed by Javier Mendibil and Ana Arroyo (Tecnalia) and Inmaculada Freije (Director of Master on Entrepreneurship and Innovative Leadership from Deusto Business School).

After the welcoming and presentations, we went to Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre to detail the activities for the next month. We were received by Janine Gordon who will also  facilitate the integration of the team with current entrepreneurs at this Centre. The focus for these activities is to work in groups on differen

Welcome meeting to Finnish participants

Welcome meeting to Finnish participants

t topics related skills to foster entrepreneurship, not only to “create” an enterprise, but also in the broad sense of starting a journey or a task that requires initiative, passion, courage and tenacity independently of its uncertain success.

30 Mar

Another Innovate or die Bilbao with a great success

18th of March  was held at Deusto Business School “Innovate or Die Bilbao 2016″ competition with young students solving business challenges of companies IKEA Spain Barakaldo, Ekoetxe Green Buildings, and Energias de Portugal and with the support of Tiimiakatemia. Thanks to companies and participants. It was all a success.

Participants were divided into teams. Teams were  named by colours, organised by companies colours:  Team blue and Team yellow for Ikea, green and white for Ekoetxe and red and pink for Energia de Portugal.

Enjoy the moment at https://www.flickr.com/photos/deusto/sets/72157666766133296/with/26268609395/

We have different moments  during the day following the schedule:

After the welcome by Mikel Larreina Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Programmes  and Director of Master’s programme EIBM,  I did the presentation of the event and Companies did a short presentation of them.

After that, KEA Spain Barakaldo, Ekoetxe Green Buildings, and Energias de Portugal  present thier Challenges to thier teams.

Ekoetxe challenge

Ekoetxe presented thier challenge to White Team and Green Team

Team work at DBS Faculty club

Team work at DBS Faculty club

IOD 2nd ed winners

foto familia

Big Party! All were winners of a GREAT EXPERIENCE



All participan were winners, but only one team wins!!


02 Mar

Companies confirmed for next Innovate or Die Bilbao

We have the pleasure to announce that IKEA and Ekoetxe will participate again in this learning experience for professional of the future.  Also Energias de Portugal has joined this experience.

Thank you very much for your trust and comitment in this experice  where Business and Young talent meet.

256px-Ikea_logo.svg EKOETXE_LOGO?????