10 Oct

Innovate or Die Budapest was a success!

Innovate or die Budapest

Innovate or die Budapest

From the beginig we noticed the excitement of the participants. Budapest Business School had bustling and energetic ambiance.

The learning experience has similar schedule as Innovate or die Bilbao. Finnish and Hungarian participants were ready to start.

Different moments of the learning experiece!

presentado retos

Companies presenting their challenges


Trabajo en retos

Participants in teams generating ideas


An the winner is…

09 Oct

Partners meeting at Budapest Business School 6th, 7th 8th October

We had  days meeting. This meeting as the one we had before, has the objective of sharing our practices, live at first-hand what activities/programs are being done by partners, and talk to the students.

On the other hand is the best time to check project status and co-create our Intellectual out puts.

In the morning we talked about managerial issues, the IO and visit BBS. In the afternoon we talk about the learning activities.

At Budapest Businness School: Parnter's meeting

Also we saw at BBS the “houston calling”. This is a practice where all entrepreneurs in teams present their current projects

"Huston call" in action

                             “Huston call” in action

Also we saw the preparation of the Innovate or Die Budapest

Preparing IorD Budapest

                                  Preparing IorD Budapest with Finnish team

23 Sep

City Rally – Methodology Test Event for new master students at BBS

Before the official start on Saturday, Budapest Business Schoolorganised a test event on Friday, 11 September, 2015 to get the first impressions of the existing and/or suggested tools which could be used during the master as facilitating methods. The programme was a part of HEHE Erasmsu+ strategic partnership project. BBS shares the impressions with its partners: Tecnalia and Deusto Business School (Bilbao, Spain), Tiimiakatemia (Jyväskylä, Finland).

Within the framework of the so called ‘City Rally’, around 30 participants were divided into three teams (lead by the team coaches of Team Academy Budapest) and at several points in the downtown of Budapest they had to face different challenges – following different routes in the city, but having some common meeting points.

At Vörösmarty tér they had the task to collect as much money as they could. Having nothing but 30 minutes to solve the task! And they did it! Even the collected amounts were not so high (like 15 euros) but they started to co-operate.

Stepping out the comfort Zone

Stepping out the comfort Zone

Teams had to solve a quiz about the downtown – time was short also here, pressure was high but participants could use smart phones.

In a local pub – again without external help – they needed to find out several variants of Hungarian typical drink: ‘fröccs’ (combination of wine and soda water). For the first look it was an easy challenge but getting ‘vice janitor’ or ‘lummox’ as a question it became to a hard work.

Capert challenge

Capert challenge

As last in a sport park they got the challenge of a carpet of approx 1.5 square metres. How to reverse it while standing all members of the team? Not an easy task again.

So the event was about innovation, creativity, co-operation, task sharing, practice and team working. Terms that are not only used but applied in practice during the 4 semesters of the master in entrepreneurship.

After each challenge they had to send a family photo as a proof from the team solving the problem – or just to having it survived ;-))

The programme finished with a common dinner where participants shared their ideas about improving the tools using in the afternoon.

16 Sep

School vs learning

Today we want to share this image  with all of you.  If you are in the educational sector: which activities are you doing?, what should you change ? what should you start doing??

school vs learning

school vs learning

07 Sep

Innovate or Die Budapest: preparation has started

Hands on entrepreneurship project is back from holidays. Tasks and their activities keep on running.

During September, Budapest Business School is preparing Innovate or Die Budapest. This learning experience will allow between 40-50 students (or potential entrepreneurs ;-)) live the creation of innovative solutions answering CUSTOMERS challenge.

The aim of this experiences is to provide students with a new and effective form of learning, learning by doing, experimenting their creativity, team working, understanding customer’s needs, etc.

nnovate or die Budapest  is coming

                                                         Innovate or die Budapest is coming

25 May

Innovate or die Experience: amazing and powerfull

Hands on entrepreneurship project has organised this learning experience where more than 40 young people they participated  working giving solutions to the challenges posed by innovation companies Ikea, Technology and Ekoetxe Camp. In the photo the representatives of the companies giving thanks to participants.

innovate 13

The team of young entrepreneurs Team Academy Finland acted as a catalyst was instrumental in creating an environment conducive to learning, helping to break the logical initial barriers (participants formed teams of 8 in which no one was previously known) and so to be in a relaxed working environment in which to create and simultaneously enjoy. People passed it really well, enjoyed, learned and good ideas were generated for companies.

Giving responsibility to participants, provide the context for creating and building, and do all this team are ingredients that never fail at any time or learning event. Sometimes in this kind of meeting we endeavor to find the tools, techniques or sophisticated methods when it is usually sufficient to generate a good climate, have adequate space and launch a powerful tool to generate good conversations and good outcomes and learnings question .

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