22 Feb

Community of projects: hands on entrepreneurship

The methodologies developed during these last months in the project have been put into practices with in a master. Some of them have been used in innovate or die learning experiences and others  within Deusto Masters EIBM.

During this program we have talked about projects, sharing learnings and  approaches, working together in generate new approaches for projects.  Dynamics and contents have focused on learn to learn, learn to do and learn to lead. Participants have been really involved.

Several moments during the program. Activities related to team bulding with the masrhmellow challege were really appricited.


Eibm team building

Team building: different moments


Eibm team building2 Eibm team building winners








Other session was dedicated to read, dilogue and generate their own  leadership concept and how they were going to develop and practice it within the team and in life

EIBM liderazgo

Teams draw their concepts

Also talking about projects in an structured way was a saccecful dynamic. And was the base to do a proaction cafe.

proyecto eibm

Schema to explain participant’s projects

Working on projects: proaction cafe


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