17 Nov

HEHE at ICERI 2015 in Seville, Spain

On 17th  November 2015 Péter Tasi and Száva Zsigmond as participants, from Budapest Business School, presented the HEHE project at the ICERI 2015 Conference in Seville, Spain. The theme of the conference was Education, Research and Innovation, and it brought together lot of projects and researches addressing the entrepreneurship education as issue as well.

Disseminatio at ICERI2015

Hands on Entreprenurship results on Stage at ICERI 2015

The presentation gave basic findings using the project Hands on Entrepreneurship Intellectual Ouput O2 Study on current innovative practices on entrepreneurship education .

Peter and Szava at ICERI2015

Peter and Szava at ICERI2015

The event was also a great opportunity to learn about other complimentary projects, and some great contacts have been made, to carry forward into HEHEs second year!

Thank you very mucha BBS !

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