25 May

Innovate or die Experience: amazing and powerfull

Hands on entrepreneurship project has organised this learning experience where more than 40 young people they participated  working giving solutions to the challenges posed by innovation companies Ikea, Technology and Ekoetxe Camp. In the photo the representatives of the companies giving thanks to participants.

innovate 13

The team of young entrepreneurs Team Academy Finland acted as a catalyst was instrumental in creating an environment conducive to learning, helping to break the logical initial barriers (participants formed teams of 8 in which no one was previously known) and so to be in a relaxed working environment in which to create and simultaneously enjoy. People passed it really well, enjoyed, learned and good ideas were generated for companies.

Giving responsibility to participants, provide the context for creating and building, and do all this team are ingredients that never fail at any time or learning event. Sometimes in this kind of meeting we endeavor to find the tools, techniques or sophisticated methods when it is usually sufficient to generate a good climate, have adequate space and launch a powerful tool to generate good conversations and good outcomes and learnings question .

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