22 Apr

More on going learning activities: spreading entrepreneuship spirit

During February and March several students have profited of learning experiences to discover their entrepreneurial potential thanks to Hands on Entrepreneurship project. We have written about this in previous posts in this blog.  But the project keeps on moving and providing more learning activities not only to the participants under this project but beyond.

Last Monday we received new participants from Finland. We had a fruitful meeting at Deusto University. Finnish participants Ettu, Noora, Marie and Camila in the Leroy Merlin creativity room at Deusto Business school, where welcomed by Javier Mendibil and Ana Arroyo (Tecnalia) and Inmaculada Freije (Director of Master on Entrepreneurship and Innovative Leadership from Deusto Business School).

After the welcoming and presentations, we went to Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre to detail the activities for the next month. We were received by Janine Gordon who will also  facilitate the integration of the team with current entrepreneurs at this Centre. The focus for these activities is to work in groups on differen

Welcome meeting to Finnish participants

Welcome meeting to Finnish participants

t topics related skills to foster entrepreneurship, not only to “create” an enterprise, but also in the broad sense of starting a journey or a task that requires initiative, passion, courage and tenacity independently of its uncertain success.

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