22 Feb

Community of projects: hands on entrepreneurship

The methodologies developed during these last months in the project have been put into practices with in a master. Some of them have been used in innovate or die learning experiences and others  within Deusto Masters EIBM.

During this program we have talked about projects, sharing learnings and  approaches, working together in generate new approaches for projects.  Dynamics and contents have focused on learn to learn, learn to do and learn to lead. Participants have been really involved.

Several moments during the program. Activities related to team bulding with the masrhmellow challege were really appricited.


Eibm team building

Team building: different moments


Eibm team building2 Eibm team building winners








Other session was dedicated to read, dilogue and generate their own  leadership concept and how they were going to develop and practice it within the team and in life

EIBM liderazgo

Teams draw their concepts

Also talking about projects in an structured way was a saccecful dynamic. And was the base to do a proaction cafe.

proyecto eibm

Schema to explain participant’s projects

Working on projects: proaction cafe


11 Feb

Project meeting at Tiimiakatemia -JAMK Universtity at Jyvaskyla. January14th and 15th

One year after the first meeting, we go back to Tiimiakatemia. We had a fruitful meeting and we settle dates for the learning activities that Hands on entrepreneurship project planned.

We did a review of the current state of the Intellectual Outputs and plan the work to finish them.IMG-20160114-WA001 para blog

We have also an time slot to visits some cooperatives, learn about their projects, experience a training session, etc. We would like to thankd Wedia Cooperative (Osuuskunta Wedia) and their coach Rikka for let us participate in their training session.

Project partners attending to this project meeting, also enjoy the weather in Finland in January.

HEHE Project meeting Jun 2016

04 Jan

Next project meeting will be held at Jyväskylä

It ‘s more than a year when we started this project. We will have our next project meeting during the  14th and 15th of January.  It will be hosted by Tiimiakatemia at Jyväskylä in Filand. We will enjoy winter time while sharing our progress in our Intellectual outputs.

Tiimiakatema http://www.tiimiakatemia.fi/en/

Tiimiakatema  http://www.tiimiakatemia.fi/en/

21 Dec

Christmas is coming!

Hands on entrepreneurship consortium wish you a Merry Christmas!! Happy time and enjoy the pleasure to be all the family together.


Happy new year 2016!!

Happy new year 2016!!


Do something to bring love and peace to this world.

24 Nov

Entrepreneurship week at Deusto University: awareness and action for students

During the week there have been several workshops where students have had the opportunity to learn and experiment. Everything was ready for Monday morning. Same as Innovate or die Bilbao day, the cloister was prepared to give a warm welcome and host great and meaning conversations.

Deusto entreprenuership week

Deusto entreprenuership week

Also in other dependencies of Deusto Business School, workshops were taking place to share with students basics of canvas business models, marketing for entrepreneurs, etc.

Marketing for entrepreneurs

Marketing for entrepreneurs


Talking about VAlue propositions

Talking about VAlue propositions


17 Nov

HEHE at ICERI 2015 in Seville, Spain

On 17th  November 2015 Péter Tasi and Száva Zsigmond as participants, from Budapest Business School, presented the HEHE project at the ICERI 2015 Conference in Seville, Spain. The theme of the conference was Education, Research and Innovation, and it brought together lot of projects and researches addressing the entrepreneurship education as issue as well.

Disseminatio at ICERI2015

Hands on Entreprenurship results on Stage at ICERI 2015

The presentation gave basic findings using the project Hands on Entrepreneurship Intellectual Ouput O2 Study on current innovative practices on entrepreneurship education .

Peter and Szava at ICERI2015

Peter and Szava at ICERI2015

The event was also a great opportunity to learn about other complimentary projects, and some great contacts have been made, to carry forward into HEHEs second year!

Thank you very mucha BBS !

12 Nov

Entrepreneurship week at Deusto University and Hands on Entrepreneuship project 16-20 of November

Deusto is organising a week focused on entrepreneurship. There have been planned a lot of activities to address the main topics in relation to entrepreneurship, from the basics of canvas business models to communication, social entrepreneurship, team work and intrepreneruship… and Hands on Entrepreneurship project will be there!!!


Deusto Entreprenuership week

Deusto Entreprenuership week

15 Oct

Press realease Innovate or Die Budapest

Innovate or die Budapest has its echo in press. The event was really inspiring for participants.  These type of  learning programs where action is the driver for experiment, learn and reflect are really mainful to students or post-graduate.

We are in the news!

We are in the news!

Iod Budapest 2

Press releases from the IODD Budapest: