09 Oct

Partners meeting at Budapest Business School 6th, 7th 8th October

We had  days meeting. This meeting as the one we had before, has the objective of sharing our practices, live at first-hand what activities/programs are being done by partners, and talk to the students.

On the other hand is the best time to check project status and co-create our Intellectual out puts.

In the morning we talked about managerial issues, the IO and visit BBS. In the afternoon we talk about the learning activities.

At Budapest Businness School: Parnter's meeting

Also we saw at BBS the “houston calling”. This is a practice where all entrepreneurs in teams present their current projects

"Huston call" in action

                             “Huston call” in action

Also we saw the preparation of the Innovate or Die Budapest

Preparing IorD Budapest

                                  Preparing IorD Budapest with Finnish team

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