06 Jun

Project meeting at Bilbao 26th and 27th of May

There area only 3 months ahead to finish the project 31.08.2016. This is our last project meeting.

We focus on the items left that is the evaluation and the explotaition activities. Also it’s a concern administrative issues, mobility tool and final reports.

We had a frutiful meeting May 26th at Deusto and 27th  atTecnalia mornings.  The list of actions involved everybody!! lest work on them.

Project meeting


26th of May in the Afternoon we have a muliplier event at Deusto’s premises, in which all parnters have thier speech. Then a lot of questions where pose to the speakers. Two hot questions among all of them: Project presentation

  • what is the team coach character ?
  • how to change and incorporate learing by doing entrepreneur activites in regular Universities?

Big questions.

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