Project overview

The EU 2020 strategy highlights the need to embed creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship into education and proposes a number of actions to unleash Europe's entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities. There is a need to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people and to create a more favourable societal climate for entrepreneurship, as the EU is not fully exploiting its entrepreneurial potential. Education has an important role to play in improving the entrepreneurial key competence of European individuals.

The need of entrepreneurial mindset and action oriented European citizens is taken for granted. Reports from European Commission, OCDE, Education and Economy Ministries form EU countries express this need, send key message to raise awareness and give policy recommendation.

Higher education institutions are becoming more aware so they are taking actions to develop an entrepreneurial mind set in their under and post graduate students

The aim of the project is to create a Master on Entrepreneurship and innovative Leadership for the development of entrepreneurial skills in Higher Education students with an innovative action learning methodology approach with a new curricula and contents, and to implement and test a post graduate pilot program.

So this project addresses mainly the following needs:

  • The need to boost entrepreneurial and leadership competences and capabilities in order to foster employability and the creation of new businesses.
  • The need to innovate in the educational approaches, offering new learning methods, focused more on the learners than on the contents, transforming the student into an active learner and a future professional.
  • The need to reinforce the links between education and training with the world of work; educational and professional worlds in more fluid interaction.

The project has three main lines of action:

  • Exchange practices and approaches about entrepreneurial training to create, develop and organize training and experiential activities. Also with a deep look into what is currently happening in the educational sector at all levels from school to Vocational and Higher Education.
  • Design, implement and evaluate a set of activities in Higher Education environment to facilitate alumni to gain entrepreneurial awareness and competences to co-create their personal and team business ideas and personal brand. This set of activities will be part of a postgraduate Master degree.
  • Dissemination and exploitation of project results and involvement to all the stakeholders of the Higher Education, educational and institutional level.