06 Jun

Service Design at Innovate or Die learning experience

AT this height of the project we have done 4 innovate or dies programs. Essi Silvennoinen gives her view on them at her post on

Sharing thoughts about preparation process

As a part of ERASMUS+ HEHE program Innovate or Die contest format was brought to Bilbao and Budapest. In this format the purpose is to mix and match companies and students together. Companies will brought the real life challenges which are solved in students teams within time limits and tools. One purpose is to give experience of team working and on the other hand to increase the knowledge about service design and innovation tools. Innovate or Die events has been runned from the year 2010 in Finland. Events held in Budapest and Bilbao

05.2015 Innovate or Die Day Bilbao

10.2015 Innovate or Die Day Budapest

03.2016 Innovate or Die Day Bilbao

26.4.2016 Innovate or Die Day Budapest, vol.2

Enjoy it!

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