10 Mar

Spreading Tiimiakatemia among new stakeholders: 3th of March 2015

Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä organized it’s event on 3rd of March. The aim was to get 100 participants for the event whit the aim to increase the general knowhow of Tiimiakatemia, give the basic understanding of Tiimiakatemia services and products and to find suitable new partners for future co-operation.

The event was in nature an unformal “get together” event. One of Tiimiakatemia’s strengths is to build events which differ from the traditional ones. The event started whit live music show which gave for the participants possibility to personally sense the athmosphere of Tiimiakatemia.

After the music Tiimiakatemia team entreperneurs presented the new Tiimiakatemia essay bank for the visitors. Essay bank is quite radical approach towards learning; all the essays are open for anybody so from the knowledge sharing point of view the approach towards knowledge sharing differs from the traditional universities.This way of operation was highly appreciated by the participants.

Tiimiakatemia is chosen as a top unit of teamentrepreneurship and Tiimiakatemia Head Coach, Ulla Luukas, was chosen “the 50 most innovative leaders” by Global World CSR Day in the beginning of 2015. This kind of award interested the visitors and the story behind the award was opened up by Ulla Luukas.

After the official program the day continued with coffee and snacks and the aim was to introduce team entrepreneurs projects. For this we organized a “project fair” and all the visitors had a chance to familiarize themselves for the ongoing projects.

The day was closed for the music presentation which was arranged by team entrepreneurs.


Agenda for the Program

12.00 Doors open at Innova 2 building :

12.30 Music and welcoming words: Head Coach, Ulla Luukas brings the news from the India

13.00 Presenting the New Tiimiakatemia video. How we learn in Tiimiakatemia, what makes us different?

13.45: Opening and presenting the new essay bank.

14.00 Moving to Innova 1. Team companies and projects present their ongoing actions

14.00 Coffee and snack at restaurant Fiilu.

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